About Us
POSTEK Technologies, Inc., originally founded in 1998, sets out to reimagine workflows in the label industry. In just over 20 years, POSTEK became a prominent player in the automated identification and RFID realm. Providing previously unimaginable fully automated production lines with minimal requirements for human attention.

Rugged Parts, Durable Machines.

POSTEK was built with a strong emphasis on innovation. As one of the few to be nationally recognized as high-tech enterprises, POSTEK has secured over 60 national patents of innovation. POSTEK's strong dedication to quality has also earned titles such as “Guangdong famous trademark” and “Shenzhen top brands”.

With its strong dedication to quality and innovation, POSTEK printers were recognized with many awards for their continual push to create the next best thing. With service networks all across the globe, POSTEK printers carry on with their goal to provide the best printing experience in the industry.

Approach to design

The complex beauty of simplicity

As stated by Leonardo da Vinci, simplicity is the ultimate expression of sophistication. We here at POSTEK believe that the label printer industry is no different. However, often when discussing the label printing industry, many people would consider it to be a secluded industry reserved for techies and geeks with extensive technical backgrounds. POSTEK sets out to bring the beautiful complexity of simplicity to a daunting industry. Fortunately, the key concepts of the industry are not that hard to understand. The printers are tools, and they exist solely to help the user reach their end goal. Tools become valuable in their ability to extend the operator's effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, using a tool should be as straightforward as possible to maximize its value. That is why POSTEK printers were built with heavy industrial applications in mind yet remain one of the most user-friendly printers on the market. Helping the user maximize their productivity through streamlined and efficient workflows continues to be a main focus of POSTEK. We aim to change the way that one looks at and interacts with the label printing industry through our unrelenting pursuit of innovation.


- The launch of the OX series, the flagship industrial printer

- The launch of the MX series. A fully automated production line printer with built-in PLC

- The launch of the GX series. A compact industrial printer blurring the line between a desktop commercial printer and a heavy industrial printer

- Reelected for the “Annual best internet of things enterprise” at the Shenzhen IoT event. The OX series also won the award for the “Annual best RFID printer”


- TXr series industrial RFID printer reelected for the “Annual Best RFID production equipment” 

- POSTEK officially joined the Shenzhen Internet of things association and assumed the role of vice president


- TXr series industrial RFID printer reelected for the “Annual Best RFID production equipment”


- POSTEK was awarded the “User favorite brand” at the 17th annual “IT changing China” event

- TXr series industrial RFID printer awarded with “Most influential RFID innovative product award” by the Zhong Guan Cun Science park community


Certified with Intellectual Property Management System Certification to aid our process of innovation. We have always had the belief of a brand being merely a carrier of the product, and the product is the condensation of months upon years of hard work and dedication.


- POSTEK RFID label printers had the honor of receiving “Innovative RFID Product” given by Star of IOT as a testament to our desire to create the world that never was and our strive for excellence


- POSTEK was awarded for its exceptional craftsmanship during the fourth Annual Innovation Ceremony SME Ceremony in Shenzhen


- As one of the outstanding achievements of automatic identification and radio frequency technology , Postek RFID label printer, which has already secured four National Patents received recognition from authority again in IOT application and was awarded “High Quality Product” on CHTF 2014.


- Postek invests in building its brand and is awarded "Guangdong Famous Trade Mark" by Guangdong Province Administration For Industry & Commerce and "Shenzhen Top Brand" by Federation Of Shenzhen Industries


- Postek Asia-Pacific moves its headquarters to the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, accomodating continued company growth and facilitating a more interactive work space


- In May 2011, Postek released its second compact model, the Q8 Series, offering an attractive and small-footprint office/retail solution without compromising on features or durability. 

- Postek Technologies further expanded by solidifying a new distributor with reach throughout the Caribbean and South America markets



- POSTEK V6便携式条码标签打印机正式发布,作为首款国产品牌便携式热转印打印机,备受业界关注
- 同年,POSTEK I系列工业级条码标签打印机隆重上市,在TX系列产品技术和市场口碑基础上,提供更贴近用户预算和需求的工业级设备



- POSTEK C168系列小型打印机、TX系列工业级打印机,双双收获“深圳市自主创新产品”奖项


- POSTEK TX系列工业条码打印机震撼上市,POSTEK商用、小型工业、工业级产品阵营整装亮相。

- 博思得科技荣获国家科技部颁发的“2008年度中国最创新企业奖”


- 博思得科技喜获“深圳市高新技术企业”荣誉称号

- POSTEK C168系列商用条码打印机闪亮登场,各种标签,一“机”打尽,广阔的应用领域,极具性价比

- 多年潜心积累和务实发展,多款POSTEK品牌条码标签打印机的研发生产进入试产阶段

- 致力于创世界知名的中国品牌,积极布局海外,为POSTEK品牌享誉全球夯实基础


- POSTEK G系列条码标签打印机,同年囊括了国家科技部颁发的“国家重点新产品” 和“第七届中国国际高新成果交易会优秀产品奖


- POSTEK G系列条码标签打印机隆重上市,搭载已获得的国家专利技术,革命性创新设计,打破了国外品牌市场垄断局面,树立起民族品牌大旗

- 同年,POSTEK G系列获评AIM CHINA颁发的“年度优秀产品奖”


- 博思得科技打造现代化工业生产基地,导入ISO9001:2000质量管理体系,ERP企业管理系统,5S生产管理,构建一整套高质量的高效益的生产管理体系


- 深入调研和分析、潜心研发和创新,博思得科技用心打造“设计精湛、好用耐用”的POSTEK条码标签打印机


- 博思得科技正式成立,创建伊始,坚定了发展中国条码/RFID打印机领先品牌--POSTEK博思得,以“设计精湛,好用耐用”的品牌定位开疆拓土的发展之路


Rugged Parts, Durable Machines

What defines the POSTEK brand
With every product that carries the POSTEK brand, there is a level of expectation for its quality and attention to detail. We are exceptionally meticulous in every element of design so that it can offer the absolute best user experience in the industry.

Designing the difference

At POSTEK, we believe that design can make a significant difference in the user experience. Whether it is a well-crafted exterior chassis design or a well-optimized workflow design, the levels of good design can set products apart. The emphasis on good user experience design is apparent in every detail of a POSTEK printer. We didn’t want to stop there. POSTEK aims to put the age-old compromise between form and function to rest in the label printer industry. The brand new OX, GX, and MX series are the latest testimonies of our dedication. All are constructed with a full metal chassis that is uniquely designed to fit the different personalities of each printer. We don’t want you to compromise. We want you to have the best of all worlds.

Brand Essence

Immemorial history of innovation

Inherited and Innovate
Here at POSTEK, in everything we set out to do, we want it to revolutionize the industry for the better. This can be traced back to the first printer POSTEK ever developed, the original G series. Not only did it feature a unique left/right separation design that simplified the operation and loading of consumables, but it is also the first-ever compact desktop industrial printer. The durability and reliability expected from an industrial printer, are condensed into a tightly packed, portable design. Combined with its one-of-a-kind user-friendliness, the G series quickly became a crowd favorite from small commercial desktop uses to full-fledged industrial production lines. With the new OX/GX/MX series, we intend to stay true to our history and continue to push the industry to be better.
G series - the compact Desktop printer that
redefined the industrial printer
In 2003, POSTEK launched the G-2108, the natural evolution of the G series. Featuring the same level of ease of use and exceptional reliability, while lowering the overall cost for the consumer. The G series completely shatter the age-old notion that for anyone who is remotely looking for an industrial printer experience, their device would have to be bulky, heavy, and expensive. The G-2108 provided exceptional value, giving the user more for less.
Fast forward to today, POSTEK continues to set new industry standards in label printers, RFID printers, and consumables. Through all the new innovations and alterations, stands the solid foundation of POSTEK’s strong dedication towards quality and providing the best user experience possible.
The next generation, the OX series
POSTEK has always been known to feature great design. We are glad to report that the tradition is continued with the latest OX series.
Quality is paramount
The OX series is quite a looker. However, there is much more to the OX series than what meets the eyes.
HEAT™, or Heating Equilibrium Adaptive Tuning, is one of the latest in the long line of innovations that POSTEK has produced. HEAT™ is a software breakthrough that can be applied over the air that drastically improves printout quality and prolong the working life span of the printheads. This leap in algorithm can be applied to almost all models of POSTEK printers from all times with minimal restriction on hardware.
Product design
POSTEK printer's form and construction have always been designed with functionality and user-friendliness in mind. On top of its unique form factor that separates it from the crowd, the design brings about unparalleled durability and convenience.
Industrial production lines
POSTEK has a strong focus on helping the user operate with maximum efficiency and reaching their end goal with the most streamlined process. That is why POSTEK provides some of the best printers for fully automated production lines. The fully customizable scripting language based on python that comes with the OX series, MX series, and GX series means that regardless of the production line set up and application, the end-user can easily instruct the printer to perform the desired operations with minimal coding.