What is ADAPT

What is ADAPT™, or referred to as Media Feed Calibration in the UI, that is the question. Well before we dive into the details surrounding ADAPT™, lets first take a look at this week with POSTEK.

The design of the printhead module has always been a pain in the neck for label printers. Most design is either sacrificing convenience of media loading for rugged stability or vise versa. Not anymore. With the patented printhead module design of the OX series, the user can truly have the best of both worlds. Easy consumable loading and solid support for stability that you can count on for years to come. Check out the video using this link!


Just hardware improvements are not impressive enough for you? Well good thing we are always striving for perfection in all aspects. Introducing ADAPT™, another algorithmic upgrade that revolutionized the thermal transfer label printer user experience. Check out this weeks "Minute with POSTEK" for more details!

If for some reason fancy videos aren't your style, let's quickly cover ADAPT™ with some nice words as well. ADAPT™, or media feed calibration in the UI, is brand new controlling algorithm developed by POSTEK that allows for much finer control of the media feeding process. For the naked human eye, it appears as if the platen roller is rotating continuously while printing. However, from a technical standpoint, the platen roller is actually only rotating a bit then stopping briefly like arms on a clock, but this process is repeated so quickly that it appears as fluid motion to us. This process can be compared to how movements in videos are a series of motionless pictures stitched together, the rotation of the platen roller have a lot of "still frames" as well. What does that have to do with media positional accuracy? Well, not much unlike a video with more frames per second will appear more smooth, a platen roller with more "still frame" per second will have significantly better precision. ADAPT™ does exactly that. By breaking down the media feeding process into finer details, ADAPT™ gives the printer the adequate tools for surgical precision. For the brand new OX/GX/MX series that will be equipped with ADAPT™, we can comfortably state that the media positional accuracy would be lock in around +/-0.2mm. With that being said, +/-0.2mm is just what we have been able to verify so far. Given our unrelenting pursuit to go the extra mile, don’t be too surprise if we are able to achieve even high precision in the near future.

However, ADAPT™ does more than just higher precision in media calibration. Since the movement of the media is driven directly by the movement of the platen roller, any changes to the diameter of the platen roller would impact media positional accuracy. This issue is rather hard to confront as the wear and tear that affects the diameter of the platen roller various drastically depending on the environment and the application. That is why in the olden days, the only way to maintain high precision for media positional calibration would be to replace the platen roller. Quite an outdated method indeed. Luckily, ADAPT™ provides the perfect solution. By collecting data and performing calculations in real time, the printer is constantly ADAPTing to the situation at hand. Maintaining the same high level accuracy that you would expect for a POSTEK printer regardless of the age on the platen roller.

That is all for this week. Thank you for tuning in and be sure to stay tuned as we have a lot more exciting news coming soon. Brand new video for the E series coming out next week!

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