POSTEK Printing Solution for A World Leading Manufacturer

Innovative and Efficient, Adapt to the Ever-Changing Customer Demands

To achieve sustainable development in a challenging business environment, the global manufacturers are required to have a clear insight, keep optimizing their operational processes, be well-prepared for potential risks and quickly adjust their business strategies accordingly.

Anticipate risks, develop smart strategies and take action

In today's rapidly changing business environment, success depends on manufacturers' being able to build sustainable supply chains and respond to challenges with flexibility.

The manufacturer in this case used to adopt another brand's printer in their production lines, therefore, the printing function in their MES (Manufacturing Execution System) was also developed based on the other brand's programming language.

With the efficient and professional support and industrial leading technical innovations, the POSTEK printer TX6 seamlessly integrated into the existing MES software system, bringing customers with a high-efficiency and low-cost printing solution.